Matt  is a clinical psychologist by training, a practicing psychotherapist and mindfulness meditation teacher, and a heart-centered entrepreneur. 

After extensive training at institutions such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Boston Children's Hospital, and Boston University's Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Matt established a private practice for children, teens, emerging adults, and adults struggling with a wide variety of anxiety disorders and stress-related conditions.

Matt's approach to therapy involves an integration of mindfulness, positive psychology, and energy psychology methods. Matt is also a diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  

Beyond the Therapy Room

Aspiring to share his experience with others, Matt began teaching for Harvard University and their Koru Mindfulness program. Koru is an internationally renown program (founded at Duke University) for emerging adults' stress reduction and resilience building. Matt became a certified Koru teacher in 2017. 

Matt's 15-year personal mindfulness meditation practice has helped him seek a deeper understanding of the inner workings and diversity of benefits of this age-old wisdom and compassion practice.

Always an integrationist, Matt sought to merge his passion for mindfulness with his newer found inspiration to support his fellow practitioners.  Thus, The Thriving Therapist was born in 2014 and has been slowly but surely emerging into the world. 

Matt has also had a long-standing interest in how to help parents be their most resilient selves, inside and out. Together with his friend and colleague, Dr. Laura Ferrer, he co-founded VitalMind, a personal growth and well-being company offering trainings and courses in mindful parenting and other vitality-boosting skill sets.  

Most recently, Matt had the honor of being asked to serve on the advisory board of a new Boston resource for parents of tweens and teens called Phase2Parenting. Phase2Parenting helps parents of 8 to 18 year olds get wiser and more skilled in managing issues ranging from technology and sexuality to social life and school. 

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