Our Challenge

You sit with your clients, hour after hour, striving to help in any authentic way you can. You hear story after story of suffering, and sometimes you quite literally feel the harrowing experiences your clients have endured.  

Sometimes you take all this suffering home with you, whether you intend to or not.  And sometimes what's stirring at home accompanies you to work.

Although we don't hear it nearly often enough, let me say it here:

Your dedication to your job and to your clients' lives deserves the utmost recognition and honor. 

But you probably realize that your dedication can come at a cost. There's risk of paying less attention to yourself than to the health of your clients and their suffering. Your own self-care might become less of a priority, at best, and just plain ignored, at worst.  

What happens then?  

You might begin to feel the slow burn that actually leads to burnout.  You might start to think the same trauma-based beliefs about the world as your traumatized clients. You might just feel like quitting your helping profession altogether. 

Our Opportunity 

Don't worry.  There is hope.  There is hope for your own wellness, well-being, and even thriving.

There's so much you can do for yourself even as you focus so carefully on helping others. 

You can cultivate compassionate awareness of your vulnerabilities, blindspots, histories, strengths, & values. 

You can bring a gentle, curious, and precise awareness to what drives you to overwork or perhaps to let yourself fall into autopilot mode, simply moving from client to client, day after day. 

You can clarify what truly matters to you in this world - why you would even spend more energy or thought on yourself. 

The Thriving Therapist simultaneously represents rootedness and growth. Being firmly planted allows us to reach out in many directions as we evolve ourselves in meaningful ways.

The tree is the quintessential symbol of equanimity, a quality of "firm flexibility" as we are pulled by internal and external circumstances toward either grasping or avoiding.

All the while, we practice remaining ever-resilient in the face of our contemporary stressful culture and the challenging work we signed on to do.

Our Hope 

It's time to reclaim yourself.

It's time  to wake up to your true potential for growth, for thriving, and for deeply meaningful work.

It's also time to reclaim your right for rest and rejuvination.  Not because you've already burned out.  But because you

don't want to burn out in the first place. 

Don't you owe this to yourself?  to your clients? to your loved ones?

This is our community.  Let's support ourselves and each other on this journey!

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