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Clarifying Client Values Using the “True North” ACT-Based Exercise

We can get lost in life. We could all use a bit of direction. When it comes to helping our clients identify and clarify what really matters to them and live life in accordance with those values, we can sometimes become directionally challenged. This post attempts to address the core question: “how do we engage our clients in meaningful [read more]

How to Mindfully Settle and Reset During Your Work Day: The 3-Minute Breathing Space

You’ve just finished a difficult session – your client was processing some very deep emotions around a traumatic incident from her childhood. When we, as therapists, turn toward brief practices like the 3-minute breathing space, we can help ourselves to mindfully let go, settle, and reset for the next client. This post is designed to help mental health professionals take stock of [read more]

The Therapeutic Relationship Begins Before You Think

The therapeutic relationship can be considered the most important vehicle to helping your clients toward mental health improvements, healing, and growth. I propose in this post that the therapeutic relationship begins before you think. It likely begins well before we have even confirmed our intake call or initial session. Why? Let’s explore the nuanced (and often hidden) process involved in [read more]

3 Key Principles to Help Integrate Self-Care Between Therapy Sessions

“We have about five minutes left for today,” you manage to squeeze in as your client abruptly switches to another topic. Upon reaching the final wrap-up moment and saying your goodbyes until next week, what do you typically do? Are you poised to write your progress note, use the bathroom, eat a quick snack, or make a phone [read more]

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