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Self-Care for the Stressed Health Care Practitioner!

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Essential Mind-Body Practices to Ground & Rebound: Practitioners' Daily Self-Care Guide

This guide was co-developed with Thomas Richardson.

Thomas is a licensed acupuncturist, certified Medical Qi-Gong practitioner, and a scholar of Eastern healing arts. 

What You Get in this Guide

  • The Guide is a PDF/audio companion of 12 easy-to-use mind-body practices to boost vitality and reduce overwhelm. You can start using the guide today!
  • Also included are 3 interpersonal boundary protection energy tools to help you be in the presence of difficult emotions and beliefs in the therapy room. This could ultimately help reduce risk of Compassion/ Empathy Fatigue and Vicarious Traumatization.
  • The practices are derived from the healing traditions of acupressure, breathwork, yoga, and qigong.
  • This guide also offers "time of day" suggestions for when certain mind-body practices might be utilized for optimal benefit.

How This Guide Can Transform the Way You Live & Work

Imagine starting your day with an awakening practice, protecting your emotional boundaries before a tough client, and settling your nervous system after a client crisis.

Before you return home, you could create a healthy energetic boundary around yourself so that you aren't so affected by the sensory world around you.

  • Increase your vitality and presence. Decrease your nervous system overwhelm. Protect your own precious energy.
  • Integrate these practices seamlessly throughout your work day (and even before and after you're with clients).
  • Use some of these practices during a therapy session for tough client interactions.
  • Cultivate a deeper presence within yourself, and between you and your clients.
  • Return home from work with greater peace of mind and body. 

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Essential Mind-Body Practices to Ground & Rebound

PDF & Audio Guide

Immediate access (for lifetime use) to 15 different mind-body practices from 4 ancient healing arts. 

  • Step-by-step, 3-section illustrated PDF of practices and exercises from the healing domains of acupressure, breath work, yoga, & qigong.
  • Audio interview (to stream or to download) with the guide's co-developer, Thomas Richardson, who details the practices, describes the myriad of benefits that accompany them, and offers tips and tricks for optimal engagement.

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