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Create a Thriving Practice

Most of us were trained without much attention paid to the "business" of therapy. And most of the elements that contribute to a thriving practice often remain hidden from our awareness, at best. At worst, we are told that we aren't business people and have no business being financially successful.

 In fact, have you ever heard people say, "well, you didn't go into therapy to make money, now did you?" That's not very fair, it doesn't have to be true, and it limits our worth as helpers.  

These resources will highlight everything from your values & vision to systems management and setting fees that match your worth. When you are confident about these elements, and they are running smoothly, then operating a thriving practice is a few good referrals away!

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Thousands of scholarly & empirical articles now show the benefits of mindfulness training - from mitigating anxiety, depression, and trauma to managing chronic pain, healing illness, altering genetic expression, training of attention, and enhancing performance.

Mindfulness practice, however, is rooted in a deeper and larger network of life and spiritual practices that contribute to our journey of awakening, connecting, and healing.

Importantly for our work, being a mindful practitioner means that we can be non-judgmentally and curiously aware of our clients, our relationships, and ourselves. This makes us more likely to remain both grounded and compassionate in the face of our clients' suffering - thus, the risk of developing burnout and empathic distress fatigue is reduced. And the likelihood of flourishing is greatly enhanced!

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Positive Living 

Some would argue that living fulfilled comes from a deep gratitude for what already is AND a strong drive and action to let yourself and the world truly see your gifts. The processes and practices that facilitate this way of living can be integrated into our daily lives. 

These resources help inspire our drive for self-growth, service & contribution, gratitude, humor & creativity, and inspiration, awe, & elevation.

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