Offering in-service presentations, workshops, & retreats for professional self-care enhancement and burnout/fatigue prevention. 

(All workshops are currently being offered virtually due to pandemic restrictions)  


  • Need a self-care boost for your organization, but short on time? 

  • Could your group practice or clinic use some  quick tips and strategies for integrating self-care practices into the workday? 

  • Are your clinicians feeling fatigued and overwhelmed by their clinical work? 

Our In-Service presentations are purposely brief & focused so that you and your group get the most out of the precious time you have.

Matt can customize the presentation to meet your needs while also covering more universally key themes and practical tools for self-care enhancement and mitigation of risk for occupational hazards.


  • Workshops (a couple of hours to 1/2 day) are a great middle ground between brief in-service presentations and longer all-day retreats. 

  • Workshops provide the opportunity for practitioners to come together to de-stress, to learn more deeply about their individual and more group-based stressors and occupational hazards, and to promote group and personal thriving through a sustainable self-care approach. 

  • Practitioners will have a chance to learn within the larger group, smaller break-out groups, and in individual formats


(Retreats are not currently being offered at this time due to pandemic restrictions)

  • Retreats offered by The Thriving Therapist are typically all day events designed for more immersive and transformative experiences.

  • Because self-care is not only an activity but also a mindset and "heartset" that manifests in such varied ways (behaviorally, emotionally, spiritually), we practice stepping into our deservingness for self-caring first as human beings and then as helpers. 

  • Mindfulness meditation, energy psychology, positive psychology, and other related approaches are utilized generously.

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