Embody Wellness

Befriend your body as you engage in vitality-boosting & restorative practices
involving food, movement, sleep, & your subtle energy systems.

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Healthy BodyMind

Although we use our minds extensively in the work that we do, we also need our bodies humming well. Our bodies provide us crucial information about what our minds are up to as well as how we are treating our physical self. 

Our relationship with food, for example, and how we take it into our body is so primitive yet also so complex. Similarly, we can relate to our own sleep, posture, and movement in easeful but also in more complicated ways.  

These resources help the busy practitioner to not only cultivate a loving relationship with our physical selves but also to put into practice the very exercises and routines that would benefit us the most.  

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Energy Work & Healing

The energy resources we offer here are about more than just helping you to "have more energy", although we all could probably use a bit of that too. :) Please see the Healthy BodyMind section directly above for more resources on this.

The energy resources we offer here are more about the subtle energy systems of the body that can be traced back, in part, to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.  

So, whether we are doing QiGong, engaging in Energy Psychology or Medicine methods, or infusing ourselves with knowledge about healing through intention and belief, we are influencing the more subtle and less conscious energies of the body.

In these ways, we harness what's already there to bring about greater flow, ease, vitality, release, and capacity for thriving. It's a win-win-win-win kind of situation. :)

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