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Identify & Reduce Risk

Skillfully identify & reduce risk of occupational hazards & chronic stress 
while cultivating creative, personalized self-care!

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Occupational Hazards

All workers can experience burnout. But as helping professionals, we are up against fairly unique occupational hazards that not only involve burnout but also include empathy distress fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and vicarious traumatization.

Being keenly aware of what contributes to these hazards, whether we're are heightened risk & under what conditions, and what these hazards actually feel like in the lives of mental health professionals is crucial to successful prevention and intervention efforts.

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Stress & Stress Management

The importance of identifying and managing stress cannot be overstated. In today's lightning fast, moment-by-moment media-saturated world, we experience the pull of constant distraction.  We can often feel the drain on our precious resources and the everyday demands of being a hard-working practitioner. 

The stress that comes from other domains of our lives must also be tended to so that we can reclaim our full functioning as healthy human beings and as effective practitioners. 

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Professional Self-Care

How do we actively manage our occupational hazards and inevitable stresses of life? How do set up our lives, both professionally and personally, to live with greatest authenticity and healthiest habits of mind and body?

The professional self-care resources below address these questions for both a grounded and elevated life. 

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