Professional & personal self-care continues of utmost importance during this surreal time of global uncertainty

and assault on our personal and collective identities. 

This audio course (with workbook) can help you to

decrease overwhelm, enhance vitality, cultivate self-compassion, and work more mindfully. 

Approval for CE credits is pending. Thank you for your patience. 

Hop off the treadmill of stress, fatigue, & burnout.

Step onto a path of enduring self-care and well-being.

Dear Fellow Practitioner,

When I ask my colleagues about what styles of therapy they were originally trained in, they answer quite easily.

But when I ask them about their training on practitioner self-care and occupational hazard prevention, most colleagues pause...  

...and then the crickets.

The crickets then turn into a commiserating chat about how most of us have been left to our own devices when it comes to taking care of ourselves amid the constant care for others.  

My trainees had been constantly told to take better care of themselves but weren't ever given the tools for how or adequately informed as to why it's so important.

 - Ariel Botta, PhD, LICSW

The Costs of Constant Caring 

So what are some of the costs of constantly caring for our clients? 

What are the occupational hazards and stresses that we're all at risk of experiencing?

Compassion or Empathy Fatigue 

"I feel unsettled and overwhelmed from carrying others' suffering

day in and day out..."

Blurry Boundaries & Stress Spillover

"It's hard to leave it at the office. I often have residual feelings from one client as I begin with another. I often think about my clients when I'm with my family or doing other things in my personal life. And the troubles I have in my family life seem to linger and affect me at work."

Life Feels Unbalanced

"How do I work effectively and have a personal/family life too?"

Professional Self-Doubt & Guilt

"I get so stressed from seeing my clients, and I'm not even sure that I'm helping them. I'm probably not cut out to be a therapist."


"I'm just tapped and exhausted by the end of the day. This is such tiring work. It's hard to give at home what I've already given at the office." 

The promising news, however, is that there's a growing movement of practitioners who desire to nourish themselves.

We want to know how to sustainably keep our cups filled before they're completely empty. 

We don't want to wait for that long overdue vacation in order feel more at ease and balanced. 

We want to be mindfully awake to the risks of burnout and compassion fatigue. 

We desire to integrate self-care and resilience-building practices into our professional lives just like we counsel our clients to do. 

The Thriving Therapist has been listening to your desire for better balance, resilience, and meaning in your professional lives. 

I'm excited to announce that I've put together an online audio course featuring wisdom from a group of amazingly thoughtful and compassionate practitioners, just like you. 

This course features practical wisdom on self-care and prevention of occupational hazards that's largely been missing from our training and our professional evolution.  


Self-care for the Stressed Health Care Practitioner: Preventing Burnout and Promoting Wellness

Approval for CE credits pending. Thanks for your patience.

You can think of this program as "wellness wisdom" from professional self-care gurus who have taken on the challenge of making self-care a #1 priority for themselves and for you. (See below for themes covered in each interview).

"Let's keep our flames comfortably lit to illuminate ourselves and our work"

This User-Friendly, Online Audio Program
is Designed to Help Empower You to: 

  • reduce your stress, professional fatigue, and overwhelm 
  • feel better balanced, integrated, and whole  
  • identify meaningful values to help guide your professional and personal life
  • release your over-striving for self-care while cultivating more sustainable, integrated "self-caring"
  • cultivate self-awareness to better regulate yourself inside and out of therapy
  • integrate a positive ethics framework to motivate sustainable self-caring 

What You Get in This Program 


Six (6) in-depth audio interviews to download or stream anywhere/anytime.  For lifetime use! 


PDF workbook to help you immediately apply the program insights into your everyday life (downloadable/printable)


(Optional) Continuing Ed opportunity (7.0 credits) for most mental health professional groups.

Approval for CE credits is pending. Thanks for your patience.


Digital Program on Practitioner Self-Care & Prevention of Burnout

Regular Price:  $139

Spring forward with self-care discount: 



  • 6 Audio Expert Interviews
  • PDF Workbook ("Self-Care in Action")

Your Self-Care Program Host 

Dr. Matt Hersh

I'm a psychotherapist, certified Koru mindfulness teacher, certified comprehensive energy psychologist, and founder of The Thriving Therapist.

And I'll be the first to admit that self-care wasn't always and still isn't natural and automatic.

With that said, let me describe my professional self-care mission.

I'm a sensitive soul (i.e., Highly Sensitive Temperament), husband, dad of 2 young kids, and a cancer survivor. 

Throughout my work at various training institutions and private practice settings, I've fully realized that risk of burnout and professional fatigue is quite real.

And it's everywhere.  

I don't know any mental health professional who's immune to these occupational realities. 

But when we avoid the subject, we unwittingly bring more suffering to our lives.

And we accidentally reinforce the notion that we should simply "be fine" and to "keep moving forward" even when we're silently suffering.

The factors that contribute to our stress, unease, and overwhelm often run in the background like a smart phone slowly draining its battery.

But don't you deserve to tune in to truly know when and how your battery is depleting itself?

And don't you deserve to know how to tap into the vital processes that keep you feeling awake, purposeful, present, and self-compassionate -  for yourself, for your clients, and for your loved ones? 

I strongly believe that you deserve these things without question and with full recognition that you yourself can be a non-negotiable priority (without feeling self-indulgent, selfish, guilty, or self-pitying)!

Your Self-Care Program Tour Guides 

Practitioner Burnout & Related Occupational Hazards:

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Self-Compassion as Enduring Antidotes 

Chris Berlin, mDiv

  • Why true compassion doesn't lead to "compassion fatigue"
  • Distinguishing among Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Traumatization, and Secondary Traumatic Stress
  • How meaning-making and growth mindset can bring us the greatest joy and resilience 
  • How to handle "the blessing and the curse" of being a 'highly sensitive' helper
  • How we care for ourselves serves as a vital model of self-care for our patients
  • The crucial balancing act between compassion and equanimity for boosting "professional stamina"
  • How Polarity Breathing can strengthen our resilience and reduce unnecessary spillover of professional stress and suffering 

Values, Acceptance, & Awareness in Individualized Professional Self-Care 

Cory Chen, PhD

  • Actionable frameworks & metaphors for self-care and managing the costs of constant caring 
  • The vital importance of values in crafting a meaningful and resilient personal and professional life 
  • How self-awareness is the cornerstone of all enduring acts of self-care 
  • Vital lessons for practitioners from the work of caregivers of family members with dementia 
  • Principles, tips, & strategies to thrive in your clinical work 

The Ethics of Professional Self-Care, Wellness, & Burnout Prevention

Erica Wise, PhD

  • How professional ethics shape our understanding and implementation of self-care
  • Effective conceptualizations  of self-care for practitioners
  • The importance of role diversity, consultation, and non-professional relationships
  • A new Communitarian approach to professional self-care
  • Four foundational principles that can promote an upward spiral of flourishing

Self-Compassion, Self-Awareness, & Self-Forgiveness: The  Art of Deep Healing from Within

  • The centrality of feeling responsible for patient outcomes as contributing to overwhelm, compassion fatigue, and burnout 
  • The challenges of recognizing signs of burnout and how to address its chronic and acute phases 
  • How the universal principle of impermanence is key to self-compassion and reduction of suffering 
  • Forgiving ourselves for our imperfections as vital to greater presence, purpose, and productivity 
  • How the non-dualism of separation and wholeness can release us from our burdens and promote more lasting emotional and mental freedom
  • How mind-body practices like "living from your butt" can have a profound impact on our well-being  

Thomas Richardson, LiAC, M.A.

Mindful Nourishment of the Body as Foundational to the Art of Self-Care

Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD-S, LDN, cPT

  • The Importance of using our physical bodies to promote daily wellness & stress prevention 
  • How mindful & intuitive eating both reflects and sparks more self-compassion, wisdom, and worthiness
  • Essential lessons on professional self-care when we truly listen to our clients' struggles with self-care 
  • The importance of integrating external and internal feedback for a more grounded and resilient self
  • The unending benefits of gratitude for being a facilitator of our clients' change 

One Breath at a Time: Harnessing the Power of Gratitude & Mindful Connection in Therapist Fatigue & Self-Care

  • How broadening the definition of self-care would facilitate better health and wellness among practitioners 
  • How personal suffering can ignite value in and dedication to self-care
  • The power of gratitude to conquer professional hopelessness, stress, & fatigue
  • How mindful connection to patients' suffering can ironically promote practitioner wellness 

   Ariel Botta, PhD, MSW, LiCSW


Digital Program on Practitioner Self-Care & Prevention of Burnout

Regular Price:  $139

Spring forward with self-care discount: 



  • 6 Audio Expert Interviews
  • PDF Workbook ("Self-Care in Action")

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You may feel that you would rather be involved in a face-to-face program to enhance your self-care.

You may not be currently feeling overwhelmed or experiencing symptoms of burnout. You may feel that this program may not be worth the cost right now.  

Is this a good replacement for being actively burned out or experiencing Secondary Traumatic Stress right now? 

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